Will my medical aid cover my visit?

We accept all medical aids and charge rates approved by the individual schemes.  

Certain conditions (e.g. Depression, Bipolar Disorder) will be covered by provisions mandated by law. (Prescribed Minimum Benefit Conditions) This also applies to Hospital Plans.  

Should you have a query about whether your treatment will be covered, please call your medical aid or call the rooms for advice.  

What are the rules regarding appointments?

Appointments missed without at least 24 hours notice will be charged for and this is not covered by medical aids.

Late arrivals reduces consultation time.  We suggest arriving 5-10 minutes early for a first appointment to complete the relevant paperwork.  

What about e-mail or telephone consultations?

Telephone consultations will only be appropriate under exceptional circumstances and will attract a fee as determined by your medical aid.  

E-mail "consultations" or "therapy" are not appropriate.  Please arrange an appointment instead.  It is not possible to address complex matters over e-mail and this technology is frequently affected by load shedding, server issues, misdirected mail etc.  

What will you ask me?

As the idea is to get to know you as well as possible to make the best decisions for you, first consults in particular, cover a broad range of topics including the nature of your problems, the stresses in your life, your family and background, family history of mental illness, medical history, social habits, sexuality, attitudes to religion etc.